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Scars are one of the most difficult cosmetic problems to deal with. While many scar creams are promoted as the perfect solution it is important to remember that scar creams are only as effective as their ingredients, not all scar creams are equal. Some of the best scar products on the market are those that contain 100% silicone ingredients. Numerous studies have indicated that silicone gels are considered the gold standard for scarring.

We have reviewed scar products based on what matters most to consumers such as: does the product contain 100% silicone ingredients, is it formulated for all types of scars including keloids, will it work on both old & new scars, and does the manufacturer offer special discounts on purchases. Please see our list of the top scar products of 2016 below to see how each product compares to one another.

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Scars are one of the more difficult cosmetic problems to deal with. Scar creams enable people who live with unwanted scars to easily address their appearance. While many scar creams are promoted as the perfect solution to the look of unsightly scars, it is important to remember that scar creams are only as effective as their ingredients. The most crucial ingredient in topical scar creams and scar gels are silicones.

We have reviewed scar products based on what matters most to consumers such as: is the product formulated to diminish the appearance of most scar types like keloids, does it contains 100% silicone ingredient’s, is it formulated for both old & new scars, and does the manufacturer offer special discounts on purchases. Please see our list of the top scar products of 2015 below to see how each compares to one another.

How to Get Rid of Scars

Every day thousands of people look for how to get rid of scars, and every day people are disappointed or disillusioned with the options available to get rid of scars.  For those who have done research into how to get rid of scars, methods like surgical excision, dermabrasion, and skin grafts will be familiar.

The truth is that practically every technique marketed to get rid of scars is invasive to some degree, not to mention expensive and time consuming. For instance, laser scar therapy can take multiple appointments each of which cost hundreds of dollars, before initial results can even be seen. In the search for how to get rid of scars, many people discover that the procedures for scar removal are not a realistic option. Either because of the cost or the potential risks involved as getting rid of scars can be a real problem for some people. However, there are alternatives available to help people with unwanted scars by reducing the appearance. A topical scar gel can help to radically minimize the look of scars at an affordable price.

Scar Removal

When it comes to the topic of scar removal, most people severely underestimate how difficult it is to actually remove a scar. Scar removal techniques include laser scar treatment, skin grafts, dermabrasion, and even surgical excision. However, the reality is that none of these options can guarantee scars will be totally and completely removed. In terms of scar removal techniques, most procedures require a great deal of time and money. Surgical excision and laser scar therapy can cost thousands of dollars. They can also involve a certain level of discomfort or pain.

Scar removal methods and techniques have limitations, for many people the potential risks and drawbacks of scar removal can outweigh the benefits that might be gained from scar removal. One of the biggest risks associated with removal methods like surgical excision is the potential to replace one type of scar with another. Any invasive procedure has the potential to cause scarring. Rather than replacing one type of scar with another, many people turn to a topical scar gel to dramatically improve the appearance of their scars.

Silicone Scar Gel

Silicone scar gels are arguably one of the most practical scar management options available today. Some of the best silicone scar gels are easily obtainable and use only the highest quality ingredients so as to provide optimal results in the look of scars. Moreover, while some types of scars do not respond well to certain scar treatment options, the best silicone scar gels are able to help reduce the appearance of all types of scars whether they are keloid scars, hypertrophic scars, burn scars, acne scars, or surgery scars. In terms of price, one silicone scar gel is not only available online for less than $50 per bottle, but also offers consumers a buy two bottles get one for free purchase special. Additionally, although some silicone scar gels only use one or maybe two types of silicone ingredients, there are gels on the market that use 100% silicone ingredients and do not dilute the potency of such silicone’s with any additional ingredients.

Scar Treatment

Scar treatment is a relatively broad term that can mean or include a variety of techniques and procedures from laser scar therapy to surgical scar excision to skin grafting. All of these scar treatments bear a certain resemblance to one another, primarily in that they are all invasive to a certain degree, additionally the scar treatments mentioned above are also relatively expensive. Laser treatments and surgical excision could cost hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars. Rather than turn to an invasive scar treatment, men and women with scarring can use a topical scar product specially designed to address the appearance of all different kinds of scars. If you are looking for an easy way to help diminish the visible appearance of scarring, try a topical scar gel that uses 100% silicone ingredients.

Keloid Treatment

Keloid Scars are some of the most difficult types of scars to treat and manage. Among the different options for keloid treatment there is corticosteroid injections, freezing, laser treatments, radiation, and in severe cases surgical excision is used as a keloid treatment. Most keloid treatments require appointments, consultations, and various visits to a doctor or other professional to have the treatment administered. The amount of time and money that can be spent on such treatments can become exorbitant. Moreover, keloid scars differ from other scars primarily in that they can expand beyond the borders of the original wound and there have been instances of keloid scars re-forming after removal treatments. The keloid treatments mentioned above are not the only choices for people who do not want to live with unsightly keloids. If you do not have the time or the money to devote to such treatments you may want to turn to a topical scar product that uses silicone ingredients to address the look of keloid scars.

Surgery Scars

In the last several decades there have been amazing advances in the field of medicine, especially when it comes to surgeries. While surgical procedures have been vastly improved in the last several years, the fact of the matter is that the majority of people undergoing surgical procedures develop scars from them. By virtue of the fact that almost all surgeries require incisions be made, there is always the potential for scars to form. While a number of surgery scars are relatively small and difficult to notice, there are people who develop keloid scars as a result of surgery. Unfortunately, some people are just predisposed to scarring. However, people living with scars from surgery do not need to undergo yet another invasive procedure in an effort to help minimize the look of such scarring. There are silicone-based scar gels available that may produce results in as little as 90 days of directed use. Such products do not require a visit to a doctor, or skin care professional. Financially, silicone scar gels are an economical choice as even some of the best gels can be purchased for less than $50 per bottle online.

Acne Scars

Acne scars are physical proof that adolescence and puberty can in fact leave behind scars. Fortunately, if you do not want to be reminded of your acne ridden teen years, reducing the look of acne scars that are raised can be as simple as applying a topical scar gel twice a day. Acne scars are a very sensitive subject for most people due to the fact that acne has a tendency to develop primarily on the face. As such, laser treatments or microdermabrasion are not ideal for people who do not want any risk of possible damage being caused to their face. In lieu of such procedures, there are topical scar products that have no known potentially damaging side effects. Moreover, some such products are able to be used on all skin tones and skin types.

Best Scar Creams

Scar creams can be found almost anywhere, both online and in any number of different stores. Scar creams are arguably, one of the best, most practical ways to help reduce the look of scarring. Scar creams can produce tremendous results in the appearance of scars, but not all scar creams are equal. The best scar cream is one that has a variety of features and benefits. One way to help prospective users of such products ascertain what the best scar cream for their needs is, is to read detailed information on the particular scar you need to address and see the benefits a topically applied scar products may provide to help lessen the appearance of your unwanted scar area.

Scar cream reviews come in many forms. A myriad of different types of resources and informative sites can be found easily online, from reviews written by professionals with technical insight into the working of such products, to the average man or woman who is relating first hand knowledge of their experience with the product.

The term scar cream is used to describe many different products, it has even been used as a general label for different types of topical scar products, including scar gels and scar serums. A topical scar cream is in all likelihood, the most practical approach to minimizing the visual appearance of scars. Yet, there is one aspect of traditional scar creams that pales in comparison to certain topical scar products such as scar gels. Products that are gel-based have a tendency to contain beneficial ingredients like silicone within the formulation.

The characteristics that are most important when looking for the best scar cream or any type of topical scar product include a formula that uses 100% silicone ingredients, the ability to be used on all different types of scars, and from an economical perspective, an  affordable price.

Silicone ingredients are a crucial aspect for any effective scar cream, scar gel, or scar serum. Silicones have been used by skin care professionals for years to address and manage the appearance of scars and they have been shown time and time again to produce significant results. The best scar creams, gels, and serums use only 100% pure silicone ingredients so as to provide the best results possible in reducing the overall appearance of scars. Some silicone ingredeints include Dimethicone, Dimethiconol and Cyclopentasiloxane, one scar gel even utilizes all three types of silicone’s in its formulation.

Another important aspect to look for in scar creams is that they are able to be used on all types of scars, from hypertrophic scars and burn scars to keloid scars and raised acne scars. Not all scar creams are able to address the appearance of certain types of scars. In most cases keloid scars are the most difficult type of scars to diminish in appearance, but there are products available that can show drastic visual results in the look of keloid scars as well as a multitude of other types of scarring.

It is not entirely uncommon for topical scar products to cost close to a hundred dollars, yet certain products are available online for less than $50 per bottle. It is even possible to purchase some products with a buy two get one free purchase special through the manufacturer’s website.